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Buy telegram channel members

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Buy 100% REAL BITCOIN TARGETED Buy Telegram Followers members! Up to 100000 members. 100% Real Crypto members For groups.
[You can choose your Target group, we will add those users to your group or if you don’t have anything in mind, we will choose the best targets for you].
We will not add fake or bot members at all! All the members are real bitcoin investors, BTC traders & bitcoin holders.


Telegram Group Inviting Service.
You can choose the Target group or usernames that you want to use
as a source, and Then we will invite those members to your channel or group.
Or if you don’t have anything in mind, we will choose the best target for you.

No bots.
Only active and Real telegram members will be added to your project.
We can add members from other groups even if they don’t have usernames.

Fast delivery.
In most cases we will deliver 1k per order in 24hours or less. or less. Quality and quantity is both that we provide to our clients and have earned a reputable place in the market.

Notification removal.
We will remove notifications that someone was invited to your group.

How many member we can order?
Up to 10000 members

in First place we will add our manager to your group who then invite real members!
This is an INVITING service, meaning that some users may leave for various reasons. So there are always 5 – 50 % drop! its up to you and your contents to keep members in group.

Group should be older than 1 Month
Before starting inviting members to your group, please prepare your group.
1. Update your group to Supergroup
2. Update Group Type to Public
Information → Edit → Group Type → Public → Update link to format:
3. Update Inviting Settings to All members
Information → Edit → Admins → Who can add members -> All members

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