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Holistic and alternative densitry differs from traditional densitry by considering not only your mouth but your overall health. Dentists engaged in natural densitry spend more time with you than the convenient dentist because he/she wants to become completely familiar with your entire health history so that he/she can effectively cater for your current dental needs.

Densitry is about caring for the health of the whole body not just the gums. For example, is known that periodontal disease is related to the health of the heart and badly aligned teeth can create you digestive problems. Dealing with the teeth is not the whole story. Holistic dentist take into account the whole person, mind, lifestyle and body. Such dentist will not use mercury  amalgam for fillings, as he/she knows this is a toxic substance and can do damage to the overall health of the body. He/she will use a non-toxic substance such as resin and will often remove old mercury fillings and replace with safer substances. A holistic and alternative densitry will ensure that any x-ray that are needed use low emission equipment or he/she will use another means of diagnosis.

Most of the holistic dentists are against the use  of fluoride for they believe it can be harmful and indeed toxic in  moderate doses. Holistic and alternative densitry support the view of several studies    that fluoride added water has little health benefit.

When talking and examining the patient, holistic dentist is interested in any level of stress the patient may be suffering from as this has been shown to contribute the amount of plaque adhering to the teeth and gums and techniques which can be beneficial in the alleviation of stress. Other changes which might be suggested are replacing your toothbrush with a rotating toothbrush, flossing and brushing more frequently and avoiding strongly acidic foods.

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