SoundCloud’s Biggest Issue: Is It Even Fair?

SoundCloud is one of the most popular music streaming services on the Internet. Unfortunately, the manner in which it treats its customers can vary wildly based only on how popular you already are. The disparity between smaller and larger artists’ overall listens and plays is startling and disproportionately geared against beginner artists. As smaller artists begin on SoundCloud, they’re simply sucked into a never-ending pool of new registrants on SoundCloud – never to be indexed or heard by anybody. In short, SoundCloud is not fair.

How Soundcloud works

SoundCloud makes use of predetermined algorithms and different methods of measuring user engagement in a way that negatively impacts newer artists while giving all of the prestige and popularity to already existing and larger artists. In simpler terms, SoundCloud steals from the poor to give to the rich, because the rich have already paid them for it. SoundCloud is unique in being free and requiring no prior experience/membership fee to sign up, but the downside of this is that anybody can sign up.

More people who sign up only serve to push your new account further and further into the pit of nothingness that so many other new and talented artists are also trying to escape. This means you have a lot of competition to work through if you want to become noticed.

However, if you have the skill, all that’s left is the marketing.

The Importance of Initially “Blowing Up”


Being able to gain an instantaneous initial following on buy soundcloud plays is invaluable to you as a new artist. Here’s why.

Accounts who gain this initial following right out of the gate are properly recognized by SoundCloud, and their music ranks higher on people’s feeds. In comparison to a new account with no following and no real potential for connection, accounts that make use of paid services to obtain a legitimate, initial, and speedy following simply do better on the platform.

We’re trying to game the system, and this is how it’s done.

Smaller artists are doomed to fail. That’s the truth – smaller artists have a lesser potential for fostering new and meaningful musical connections with others than their larger counterparts. If you’re an artist who is serious about their music production, your main goal should be to gain a following outside of SoundCloud. SoundCloud is just the vehicle you’ll use to get more initial traffic.

No artist has ever lacked a following and made it big at the same time.

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FanMajor just gave it 25,000 likes, and you gained an extra two thousand likes from people who wouldn’t have seen your post unless it was boosted.

Your music isn’t the reason you’re not blowing up – it’s SoundCloud. Circumvent their draconian algorithms today and order a free, no-strings-attached demo of our services! See what we can do for your music production today.

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