What the Emergency Dentist Did Not Tell Me About His Practice

“I’ve never had an emergency dentist, but I have experienced plenty of them in my life, both good and bad. From sudden toothaches caused by improper caring and grinding jaws caused by misalignment of teeth, to more serious problems such as cavities and infections, there are many different types of emergencies that can arise from oral care that is less than optimal. If you’ve experienced an emergency or two, you may want to contact your local dentist to schedule an appointment to get the problem taken care of before it gets worse.”Dental Clinic Near Woollahra

“I recently had an emergency tooth pulled because of a severe gum infection which required immediate dental care. The only problem was that I did not have a dentist nearby to provide the emergency tooth extraction, and I didn’t know what to do next since my gum infection was in a very serious state. The dentist office was not equipped with any emergency equipment, and my dental hygienist recommended that I see an emergency-dental clinic in Bondi Beach.

“I was sent to the emergency room of Woollahra Hospital. The attending emergency dentist was able to perform emergency tooth extraction, but I wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital until an orthodontist from Bondi Beach came to see me. I was sedated and the orthodontist started working on my teeth while I lay on a gurney. My gum infection had progressed to a severe stage, and the pain was so intense that I hardly could move. Luckily, the emergency dentist performed an emergency root canal on the spot, which restored my tooth structure and prevented further infection.”

This experience made me aware of the importance of choosing your dentist with care. And although I had already gotten used to calling and scheduling an appointment for routine dental checkups, it was comforting to know that in such an emergency, there would be someone who would come to my rescue. This woollahra emergency dentist had treated me quickly and efficiently – and it was thanks to him that I was able to get back to my normal self in a short period.

I found several emergency dentists in Woollahra and I chose one that I felt comfortable leaving the rest of the work to. It turned out that this particular emergency dentist office had recently acquired another emergency dentists’ practice. I was thrilled because this meant that the dentist I had seen during my previous trip to the emergency room would be treating my dental problems once again. The new dentist office staff was extremely helpful and I felt completely at ease leaving all of the critical work to them.

Because I was referred to the ‘front desk’ when I came in, I knew right away that the primary staff members knew what they were doing. This gave me an opportunity to discuss my dental problem with them before I left the clinic and it also allowed them to make an accurate diagnosis of my dental issue. The emergency dentists in Woollahra are trained in providing emergency dental care and had an immediate understanding of how urgent my problem was. In fact, they actually recommended an orthodontist to look at my dental problem, but I later learned that the primary staff had recommended that they take me in instead.

I was so impressed by the way the emergency dentists in Woollahra handled my emergency dental situation. During the thirty-minute call, the emergency dentists were able to assess my problem in an accurate manner. I was given the option to ask as many questions as I wanted, and the emergency dentists offered a list of options for treatment. I was able to get a very comprehensive plan for treatment from the emergency dentist office, which was composed of both standard and emergency services.

Even though I was given an accurate treatment plan, I still wasn’t happy with the results. It turned out that I had required more than one treatment plan, which was not mentioned on my original dental insurance policy. To make matters worse, the emergency dentist in Woollahra sent me to another office a few days later, where another ‘surgeon’ told me that another tooth was seriously in need of emergency treatment. Because of this second visit, I was forced to obtain a new dental policy, which cost me more than what I had originally paid for my policy. Read more on Woollahra Emergency Dentist.

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