Your Experts In addition to Downsides Of Getting Any Dice Influencer

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If you asked me in January 2002 if it was possible to set the dice a certain way, grip the dice a certain way and toss the dice a certain way to reduce the probability of a 7 appearing I would have answered with a definite “No!” In February 2002, however, I read information by Mr. Jerry Patterson about controlling or influencing the dice. After taking Mr. Patterson’s course, I was convinced that a person can set the dice, grip the dice and toss them in such a manner to consistently produce a non-random occurrence, thereby reducing the probability of a 7 appearing.

I have also been fortunate enough to meet and play with Beau Parker, a/k/a “Dice Coach, Debbie Garcia, a/k/a “Soft Touch”, Chris Pawllicki a/k/a “Sharpshooter” as well as several other “dice influencers.” Based on my personal experience with these experts, it is my opinion that a person can gain an advantage over the casinos by effectuating a controlled throw of the dice. In his book entitled The Craps Underground author Frank Scoblete describes how dice influencers are winning at the craps tables.

So what is a “dice influencer?” A dice influencer is a person who sets the dice in a certain manner every time, grips the dice in a certain manner every time and tosses them exactly the same way every time. The objective of the dice influencer is to alter the random outcome of the dice, in such a manner as to avoid the losing 7. A dice influencer can be compared to a professional bowler in that a professional bowler will grip the bowling ball the same way every time, release the ball the same way every time in an attempt to get a strike. Now just because the professional bowler can do this does not mean he, or she, will make a strike every time. The bowler can have a perfect delivery, hit the pins perfectly, yet still not get a strike. With bowling, each bowling alley has different lane conditions and each lane varies from one to another.

Similarly, a dice influencer can set and grip the dice perfectly and toss them perfectly, yet a 7 will appear. If it was possible, and you could avoid the 7 forever, the experts and I would have retired a long time ago. As with bowling alleys having different lane conditions, casinos have different table conditions. Casinos use different felt material for their craps layouts. In addition, they use different padding under the felts. Some have a hard surface, others have a softer surface. Still others have a rubberized material to make the dice bounce more. One other thing to keep in mind is that casinos have different length of craps tables. Some tables are 12 feet, some are 14 feet and every once in a while you will find a 16 foot craps table. Why does this matter? Because if you are practicing on a 12 foot table and playing at a 14 foot table, your toss will be off from hitting the correct area to properly influence the dice. Because a dice influencer can only influence the outcome of the toss of the dice and not necessarily “control” the outcome, it is important to be familiar with the condition of the craps table and how the conditions may affect the outcome.

Influencing dice at a craps table can also be analogous to golf. Professional golfers grip their clubs in a certain way and swing their club in a distinct manner. Each golfer has a different grip and swing, although the mechanics are the same. A dice influencer’s grip and delivery (pitch) will be different for each individual, but he mechanics are uniform. Golfers must adjust to the conditions of the golf course just as a dice influencer must adjust to the conditions of the craps table. Another thing to keep in mind is that at a craps table there will be many other players making bets. Depending on where these other players are placing their chips on the Pass Line or placing their behind the line odds bets can also alter the dice. I have personally witnessed and seen a player put their chips in the exact area on the layout that my friends who are attempting to influence the dice are aiming. When this happens it is time to move to another table.

One final thought about influencing the dice. I have had several discussions with other dice influencers as to whether it is the betting strategy or influencing the dice that can make the most difference. Dungeons and Dragons Dice Vault have our own opinions and beliefs. Personally, while being able to influence the dice does have an advantage, not everyone at the table will be a dice influencer. Therefore, if you are going to be at a table with shooters who are not able to influence the dice (affectionately referred to as “chicken feeders”) you need to have a betting strategy to use for these shooters.

My take on this discussion is simply that it may not matter. When I practiced influencing the dice I toss the dice on a table with no chips being placed on the layout. Doing it this way it is easy to influence the dice. But the reality is that other players will be making bets and their chips will be on the table. If one or both of the dice hits a chip, it can alter what may have been a perfect toss. So while you may be able to place chips on the table to practice, the chips will be placed differently at all other times, unless you are fortunate to be at a table by yourself.

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